About Me

I am an Instructional Design student in the Instructional Design and Adult Learning MA program with the University of Colorado Denver. My past educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and 30 hours of graduate coursework in the CU Denver Urban Teacher Prep Program.

I was a commercial photographer for over 20 years and bring those visual design skills to my instructional design practice. If you care to take a peek, here is my professional photography website.

I taught photography at the college level and have taught or trained nearly every skill I’ve ever learned. Currently, I’m creating eLearning courses from webinars as a Junior eLearning Developer and working in IT, as an assistant to the Restaurant Systems Manager at Applebee’s, Rocky Mountain Region. Adult learning is a huge area of interest of mine and I hope to bring the skills, philosophies, and methodologies I acquire as a professional to this website so that others may benefit. I also moderate a LinkedIn group called Higher Ed Learning Management Systems. I would love to include you in our networked learning space. Reach out to me if you’d like to join.

The purpose of this site is to serve as my professional space as an instructional designer, where I share completed projects, resources, and industry observations.

On a personal note, I live off the beaten path with my St. bernard and two chickens. I’m an active outdoors woman and I trail run, snowboard, kayak, and row a single sculling shell. My health is incredibly important to me and I fully believe that our quality of life is determined by how we treat our mind and body. I love to read, and in the winter I focus on fiber arts. I also spin wool and weave fabric on an 8 harness floor loom.

You can find me on Twitter @positivthinkg, Pinterest, and LinkedIn