What is 2U? It’s an education technology company.

What does it do? It partners with higher ed institutions to bring their courses online.

Why is it different/special? 2U is like an anti MOOC. It brings instructors and students together differently than most online course. There is a synchronous component that brings the class together for 3 hours each week. Yes, it’s like being there, but as the founder Chip Paucek (former Hooked On Phonics CEO) puts it, “there’s no back row”. As a former “back row-er” I sat up and took notice. The average class size is 10.4 (how do you come up with a .4 student?) to 1 of the venerable professors on campuses like Northwestern, USC, Syracuse, George Washington University, Georgetown, etc, etc.

Most of the collaborations at this point are at the graduate level. But U2 really seems to have dialed into something that’s missing from the traditional, LMS driven learning experience.

And this experience is so dramatically different with an 84% retention rate,  graduates feel so completely connected to the University that many students regardless of location, attend graduation

Watch a Bloomberg interview below:

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