I’m close to graduating from my Master’s program (August-close). And I’ve found myself getting a little whiney about my current courses, telling myself, “Just a few more months and you’re done”. You won’t have to take any more classes, do homework, etc., etc. Then I find myself looking at this article about 370 free online courses I could take. And I start to salivate.

I’ve been in college on and off since I was 17. I finished my undergraduate degree in 2013 with 160 credits. I’ll finish my Master’s with 60 (there was another program in there that wasn’t a good fit, only realized after 30 credits). I have a 2-year diploma in Commercial Photography. And don’t ask about my student loans. I think some of us are just addicted to learning. But why? Is it the acquisition of new knowledge or skills? The sense of community one feels when matriculated at a University? Or the familiar structure and pattern of courses and semesters. I think it’s all of the above, for me. I don’t see a Doctorate in my future, I need to get a big girl job and pay off those loans. But I see myself continuing to take courses, from coding to ceramics. So I’ll bookmark this article and a month or so after graduation, I’ll probably be signing up for a course.

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