Some days I just don’t feel motivated to run or bike. But I do. There’s plenty of documentation about the benefits of breaking a sweat daily. You’ll find many in this article. I usually run, about 20 miles a week, but on days that the weather is not cooperating, I opt for a ride on the used Spin bike I picked up. What I’ve noticed about sticking to breaking a sweat daily are not only the physical benefits but the mental clarity exercise brings.

I sort out so many problems when I’m exercising. It’s like the activity brings about a mental acuity I don’t have when I’m sitting in front of the computer. Probably attributable to the endorphins that are activated during exercise.  I’ve worked through relationship woes, school projects, and life direction while logging miles on the road or bike. And then there’s the post-workout endorphin rush. Ahhhh.

So the next time you find yourself mentally stuck, put on your running, biking, climbing, whatever gear and go break a sweat.

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