So, I’m interested in sustainability and reducing my carbon footprint. I watched The Minimalists, you can watch the trailer here. These guys make so much sense, I’m trying to embrace minimalism, but I’m having to take baby steps. Over the past few months I’ve been obsessively researching smaller homes.  For inspiration and edification I’ve watched YouTube videos on the Tiny House movement, one of my favorite series is Living Big in a Tiny House, which is filmed in New Zealand. I love the idea of Tiny Homes, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable in a space under 400 square feet. I’m also intrigued by the self-sufficiency afforded by using solar panels to reduce reliance on the grid. I think this whole movement of reducing our impact on the planet is very important and chances are I’ll be re-visiting this theme on my Positive Thinking posts. Because it is thinking positively.

What struck me today was this article on IKEA’s $86,000 flat-pack home. It’s 53′ by 14′ wide, so 742 square feet. And it comes with all the appliances. What a concept! Do read the article, the photos look amazing and the house looks very comfortable and liveable. With Denver’s housing market exploding, affordability is a real issue. If I could just work remotely, I could buy a piece of land out yonder and get out my IKEA catalog

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