I try to stay upbeat, but this past week or so has been a struggle, financially. I’m still dealing with medical bills from my wellness physical in December that my insurance isn’t covering. Is “affordable healthcare” just an oxymoron? Anyway, in an effort to remain positive I thought I would share an article I found on a new website I’ve started following. TheMuse┬áis a hip career searcher’s site that offers advice, inspiration, and info on companies and careers. Writer Alyse Kalish rounded up 5 fairly straightforward habits to incorporate into each day.

They are:

  1. Learn Something-Anything- New
  2. Get Up and Move Every Day
  3. Give Yourself Pep Talks
  4. Be Nice to Others
  5. Be Nice to Yourself

I have to say, she did a great job of drilling down to the essentials we should all do, every day. When you’re in the midst of a career change and job hunting, it’s easy to get discouraged. If you feel good about yourself, it shows. And if you feel bad about yourself, it shows. So I think Alyse has offered some great advice and habits we should incorporate into our daily lives well after the job hunt is over.

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