So I’m writing this post to take my mind off the fact that I’m hosting my first webinar tonight. In an hour, as a matter of fact. I’ve put a ton of effort into creating this. The webinar is on “Removing Backgrounds From Images”. I’m using Gimp and demonstrating 3 selection tools to use to remove the background from an image. The final image is a .png file with a transparent background. I used Camtasia to pre-record the demo (so I couldn’tĀ flub it up too badly in real time). I spent hours on that demo, keptĀ finding little things to pick at and redo. In the meantime, I’ve been waging war with my tech. I have 2 MacBooks as one died in the midst of a course last year, I didn’t have a choice but to replace it. So in no particular order here’s what’s plagued me the last 24 hours, between my two laptops:

  • No sound (it’s a little hard to narrate a demo and lead a webinar unless people can read lips)
  • No camera (came back after a reboot)
  • Power charger died. Done. Dead.
  • And then there’s the web conferencing software. Good, but not great.

So leading a webinar is a little like the guy in the circus trying to keep all the plates spinning. You have to make sure everything is cued up properly, don’t forget the interactive bits like Polls and Chat, and pray everything WORKS.

Fortunately, our next project is a group webinar. I think it will be better. Not so much pressure and the benefit of having others to share the load. Hopefully, it will go well tonight. I’ve practiced until I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. Not sounding too positive, I guess it must be performance anxiety.

Wish me luck!

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