Still immersed in all things WordPress. I’ve been learning about Themify, a page building plugin available for WordPress. I found a helpful tutorial created by Hogan Chua. You can view it below.

He does a great job of walking you through the process of building a site from start to finish. I worked along with the video and took copious┬ánotes. And learned a lot. He’s a good instructor- very knowledgeable and clear in his explanations.

Most of my frustrations working in WordPress have really been due to the constraints of the themes I’ve been working with. Themify opens up so many doors in the way you can make your site look and function. Once you have an understanding of how the tools work it’s pretty easy to make the changes you desire. There were so many times when I was watching the video I found myself saying, “So that’s how they do it”.

Themify has a free version, and that was a big draw for me too. There are other page building tools available, but most cost. With such a robust tool as Themify available, I don’t feel the need to spend money on a tool that does nearly the same thing.

I’ll post again after I’ve spent some time working with the tool.


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