I’ve been working on a course shell for a group of individuals that want to create a free course accessible to folks outside of our learning institution. Using the university’s LMS has limitations due to its structured format. There’s only so much interactivity and learner engagement that can be created within its structure. I likened it to dancing with your shoes tied.

Then my mentor suggested going outside of the LMS box- way outside. He suggested creating the course within a website. The course, as I said, is free and open to anyone interested in this particular topic, more like a MOOC with a very small audience. So why not? In fact, it’s already being done. WordPress is offering a service called CoursePress, which is still LMS-like in structure.

But many people are simply using WordPress sites to create and host their courses, with much more creative freedom than is afforded by the Coursepress plug-in.

I’m hoping we will be able to go this route for this course I’m helping to develop. If not, I’m sure we’ll be developing other courses outside the LMS as stand-alone WordPress sites. Stay tuned.

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