For this second assignment, I was in search of something that would satisfy my one remaining media types: Social. I chose to do a Twitter Essay. I’m not really sure how I came upon Subverting Fine Art as a theme. And by no means am I the first person to play around with the theme of combining modern concepts (in this case, digital media and tech) with works of the Masters.

I created 4 pieces using Photoshop to combine images. I hadn’t worked in Photoshop in a while, and it was such a pleasure to find I still had remembered how to do a variety of techniques. Making the image seem plausible was my goal.

My Twitter essay was really around the premise of how tech would have changed/ altered the way people lived and made sense of their world.

Essay #1: The Sistine Chapel: The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo

In this subversion, God is giving Adam the gift of technology as represented by a remote. What if tech had existed from “Creation”? More importantly (and scientifically accurate) what if the cave man had stumbled upon tech left by another civilization? Where would we be today? And, yes, I’m a Trekkie.

Essay#2: American Gothic, by Grant Wood.

What if VR had been available to poor farmers during the Depression? I would guess the pitchfork would have been pretty idle. I think the expression on the wife’s face is priceless.

Essay #3: Christina’s World  by Andrew Wyeth

I’ve always loved this painting, but didn’t realize the backstory until now. According to Wikipedia (yes, I know- dubious source) “The woman in the painting is Anna Christina Olson (3 May 1893 – 27 January 1968). She is likely to have suffered from Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease, a genetic polyneuropathy.[2][3] Wyeth was inspired to create the painting when he saw her crawling across a field while he was watching from a window in the house.”

I began to wonder what her “world” would have been like if she had access to the internet. The image on the laptop is a little “Inception” but that’s the eerie quality this painting has to it.

Essay #4: Lady With an Ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci

I’ve always found this to be a creepy painting. Ermines aren’t that far removed from weasels. And to see a woman carrying one like a pet is… creepy. The woman depicted in the painting wasn’t from a wealthy family but was well educated and a poet. I thought her time might be better spent researching Ermine, also known as Stoat, than carrying one around with her. I also wondered what impact having a portable tool like an iPad would have had on her studies and poetry.

I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. I was trying to find the word for inserting a modern artifact into a historical setting. An anachronism is the term for the opposite situation, but evidently, there’s no term coined for the tables being flipped.

It does make one wonder…



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