Week Three Summary

This week’s focus was on Copyright and Fair Use. Some of the questions we examined were:

  • Are we legal in what we do with all of this media?
  • Are we legal in what we’re teaching and preaching?
  • Are we licensing our own materials correctly?
  • Does it matter?

Through reading, discussion, and creative practice; the general attitude in regard to copyright and pedagogy is that in educational settings and with educational intent, one can appropriate, remix, and/or use direct content as long as there is an educational purpose to the use. I still think there is general confusion when it comes to licensing our own materials, and I think that if we routinely post our images and work on the web and social media platforms, we have to expect reuse by others. It does matter when the line is crossed and work is used for profit in a way the creator did not intend. The Creative Commons serves to help clarify and guide the way in which work is licensed and used.

Weekly Class Playlist

We evaluated four different pieces concerning copyright and fair use. The Shining Remix forced me to do some digging and brought me to the concept of Fair Use. Crash Course was a really intense, yet concentrated overview of copyright infringement and Fair Use, and was very educational overall, but my head did hurt after, a bit of overload. The Open Education video did a nice job of summarizing Fair Use in an educational context, and Creative Commons Explained thoroughly detailed the different ways work can be licensed and used by others.

Week Three Work:

Daily Create

My Daily Create this week was Walking GIF. I had never made a GIF before and was trying to understand exactly what it was and how to make one. I used my dog as the subject and an iOs app called ImgPlay.

The app, though free, is actually pretty powerful and easy to use. There are several extra features you can use to add text and create artistic effects. Through using the app I got a better understanding of how a GIF works, what it is and file size limitations. I posted the GIF on my Twitter account.

Weekly Critique

I selected Blank-On-Blank from the Case Studies and critiqued the Leonard Cohen piece On Moonlight

Click on the image above to read the full critique.

Weekly Assignment: DIY/ TechFriends

I created this animation using Animatron to illustrate a narrative about friendship and what happens when we become too absorbed with technology. The piece was intended to stand on its own without narration. It’s a fairly universal tale that anyone at any age should be able to follow. Find the full write-up here. Watch the video below.

The greatest challenge was to create a story based on the pre-made animations in the program. I had some technical challenges with export and took some Fair Use liberties by screencasting the preview and adding audio with Camtasia.

Week Three Reflection

WHAT was your primary takeaway this week?  HOW did you stretch yourself?

My big takeaway was a better understanding of Fair Use and how it applies to using others’ work in an educational context. Work that I previously considered “stolen” and appropriated, I now see for its pedagogical merit. I stretched myself in the creation of the weekly assignment, navigating new software and working with the limitations presented by the pre-made nature of the software characters.

WHAT media did you create this week and HOW did you create it?
What Daily Create did you make, and what tools did you use to makeitRemember, you need to MAKE.
What Assignment did you make, and what tools did you use to make it?  What was your creative process?
WHAT was your Critique this week?  How does this apply to teaching and learning?

 (All detailed above)

WHAT was your favorite new-thing this week, and why?  A classmate’s story, a new tool you discovered, a case study, etc.

In retrospect, I really did like Blank-To-Blank. What I think would be interesting is to see how different illustrators would interpret the same recording. The style of illustration really impacts the overall message. The imagery has so much to do with how we perceive, process, and remember the story.

Based on this week, WHERE would like us to go next?

I’m not sure. I’m curious to see where the re-mix work goes.

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