OK. So I kind of remixed two ideas for “Create or remix a poster for an idea or concept explored this week.” My creation isn’t terribly on topic- I got seduced by the media I was working with. It happens. However, I could now apply the technical achievements I made with this project and apply them to the topic of finding voice. My other assignment is more in line with the topic, fortunately.

This was a technical challenge for me. I’m still kind of confused about GIFs so I probably made this much harder than I needed to. I found this great vintage poster made for the national parks. 

I wanted to animate it, so I thought it would be interesting to have a car driving through the scene. I found some footage on YouTube and grabbed screen shots of a vintage car in a race. I worked in Photoshop and outlined the car, then made successive versions of the car in the scene, each new image had the car increasing in size and moving forward through the scene. And I added a shadow under the car to help with realism. I made 7 versions. The tricky part was getting it from the individual jpegs to a GIF. I knew I need to work through video editing software, so I imported the images into Camtasia. It took quite a bit of playing around with the length of time for each frame. I started at 20 sec. per frame. which ended up being painfully long.

I found an online tool called “GIPHY”  and started playing around with different export formats in Camtasia (GIF and mp4). GIPHY supports mp4 so I finally ended up with a frame rate of 5 sec. that resulted in the final GIF. 1 second had the car flying through the scene. 5 sec. looks pretty normal.

Here’s the result:

Like I said, a bit off topic, but I’m really happy with the result!

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