I’ve been a little skeptical about VR. I’m not a gamer and prefer to stretch my imagination through reading. But. This totally blew my mind. What Lockheed Martin has managed to create has PROFOUND implications to the way we may be able to learn and experience near realities in the future. The fact that they were able to create an environment that is within the student’s normal frame of reference- a school bus ride- and allow them to become immersed in the visual as well as the mobile experience of traveling through a landscape in real time is just mind boggling. I wonder how many kids were inspired by this experience to actually want to travel to Mars. It must be fait accompli in their minds. Which is incredibly empowering.

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program pales in comparison to the Lockheed bus experience. The Google program brings cardboard VR glasses that allows the kids to visually experience environments and situations they normally would not have access to. But they’re sitting in a classroom, with cardboard glasses over their eyes. Lockheed Martin has just raised the bar.

I am so impressed with the amount of planning and technical creativity that went into creating this project. Having to create tech from the ground up to meet a vision says a lot about the company. I had an interview with Lockheed Martin the day after I accepted my internship with Anthem. I indicated that I’d like to finish the internship with Anthem, but left the door open to reconnect after my internship was done. Who knows. Maybe someday I’ll be supporting L&D for projects like this. The school bus ride to Mars isn’t just inspiring kids.



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