Week 6:

This week we covered New Literacies. There was a lot of focus on coding. As I went through the readings, videos, and listened to the podcast I came away with some interesting insights:

  • Coding and kids- is coding an essential skill? 100% of kids in China are learning to code. 5% of American kids are.
  • Media Literacy is a more essential skillset along with critical reasoning.
  • Treat coding as a language. Require as a core competency.


Daily Create: Travel Poster

I elected to create a travel poster for my hypothetical travel company. To create the poster I appropriated two images, one of the mountain scene and one of the hiker girl. I outlined the hiker girl in Photoshop. I chose to apply some filters to both images so they would seem more uniform and believable as one shot. I added text to the image to create the copy for the poster. I love living where I vacation.

Weekly Assignment: Fork It

Create a web interactivity that tells a story or teaches a lesson, by forking an open source project such as H5P or any of the knightlab storytelling tools.

One of the options of tools for the Fork It option was to use the knightlab storytelling tool: StoryMap. I chose to tell the story of my formal education through the mapping function of the tool. Going through the process of telling this story (I’ve been to a lot of schools) made me reflect on my journey that’s resulted in where I am today.

Here is the full description of the assignment.

As far as the tool itself. I’m still unclear as to how to publish a final product. It gives an option to publish to Muse, but I couldn’t find any sort of link. It says you “can put this link…” What link? Where? I’m on Chrome, so I don’t think it’s
a browser issue. I’m just referencing the link to the tool. The viewer is going to have to go to Preview and advance through the side arrows to see the story unfold.

Click on the image to see the StoryMap.

To address the specific questions posed to us:

  • What are some of the new literacies that you believe you have developed as a result of new technologies? What are some of the new literacies you recognize you lack?

I have developed a flexible attitude towards technology, both hard and software. I believe they are all tools, a means to an end. And I just try to find the most efficient way to accomplish what it is I’m trying to do. My lack is still coding. I just don’t like the absolute, binary nature of coding. One wrong keystroke and it doesn’t work.

  • How can schools support all members of their community — teachers, administrators, students, parents — in developing these new literacies?

By offering courses to allow those without the skills the opportunity to develop them. Have kids do joint projects with their parents to get them involved and keep them from feeling isolated by a digital divide.


I was really inspired by the Lockheed Martin School Bus to Mars piece in my critique. I think that kind of innovative thinking is what is really needed right now, just as others are trying to drag us backward in time. I think we need to advance our digital skills, but I think there needs to be a balance. You can’t just sit in front of a screen all day. I can’t. We need to stay in touch with nature and have face to face interactions with other people. There is an element of isolation inherent in working in a digital environment. I think it takes effort to get our heads out of our devices and live life as it exists in reality. Everything in moderation, as they say.

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