For this week I had hoped to work with code. It didn’t happen. I am burning the candle at all four ends. Yeah, I know. I wanted to apply the week’s topic of New Literacies to my assignment, so I used StoryMap to tell the story of my formal education to date in a very different way. I feel really cleansed and have achieved some clarity after having connected all the dots. Yet the technique of tying chronological events to geographic locations deviated from the linear nature of a timeline and created an interesting visual effect, plus added a different dimension to the concept of storytelling. Education has been something of an addiction for me I’ve decided. I really hated school when I was young- until I went to an all-girls boarding school when I was a sophomore in high school. Something shifted.

I created a timeline type story about all the schools I’ve been to (there are a lot). And it’s interesting to me to see the path that has led me to where I am. Definitely not a straight line.

StoryMap is a little wonky. I’m not quite sure how to get it to “present” properly. but hopefully, if you start here in preview mode. You’ll see my story.

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