This week we focused on remix. I still feel guilty borrowing work from others, but we live in a time where appropriation is the norm.

The Daily Create

Still not sure if I’m tagging things correctly. When in doubt, re-Tweet…

Here’s the actual Daily Create: Theme… being without.

Read & Annotate

Annotated Everything is a Remix:

And responded to the article: Isaac Newton: Why You Should Steal Ideas From Other People 

My responses were light this week. I’ve started a 30 hour per week internship, plus my It job, plus freelance work. Struggling with time management (my issue is I need a 30 hour day!). I’ll try to improve in coming weeks.

Remix A Classmate Assignment:

The description of the remix process.

Listen to the description of my remix process.

Here’s Laura’s Original:

Here’s my remix.

Weekly Assignment: Ten Ways To do One Thing

For this assignment, I wanted to focus on dialog. I had a hair appointment with my good friend and stylist, Sabrina. She agreed to help me with the project. The narrative of  Ten Ways To Change Your Look With Your Hair overlapped my actual hair styling appointment. Here’s the result:


Weekly Assignment: Social Fiction:

5 part series relying on input from readers to carry the story.



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