After watching the Seth Godin TedTalk about Tribes, I tried to connect what he said to what I’m trying to accomplish in my Networked Learning Space. Maybe my aspirations are much humbler than Godin’s. I don’t aspire to have thousands or more follow the path I’ve chosen in my NLS. I just want to connect with people who find the content I’ve curated relevant to them, and hopefully inspire them to contribute and comment and grow the community.

When I think about “tribes” I belong to, they are based in friendships, shared experiences and have some substance. Facebook is where my tribes live for me. There are my collections of friends from different work and life experiences- from grade school to college(s) to my past career and current avocation while in grad school- even a past marriage. I’m not trying to lead or influence these people- just maintain the connections I’ve had with them.

I think there is value in being a tribe leader- an influencer of others. That’s just not my “thing”. So for me, it’s more important to maintain the relationships (tribes) I have, and in the future, create more tribes, more meaningful personal relationships- whether in a professional or personal setting- and just experience the pleasure of belonging to a tribe.

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