I’ve started my job hunt in my new career field of Instructional Design. I’m very close to finishing my Master’s degree and am pulling out all the stops. Part of my program requires we create a portfolio website, which I’ve created in WordPress. If you’d like to see it, I have it here. Feedback welcome. I’m marketing myself as a Junior Instructional Designer, as I feel that’s more appropriate to my skill level coming right out of the program. And I’m really looking for an environment where there are other Instructional Designers I can work with and learn from.

One major component of job hunting is having a professional resume. I don’t know how many different versions I’ve made over the years. But, I finally gave in and hired a professional service to revamp mine. Money well spent, is all I have to say. I’ve gotten excellent responses to it from recruiters and others in the business of reviewing resumes. If you’d like to know who I used, please reach out to me.

Another great resource I’ve come across is an eBook written by Debra Mastic. She’s created an excellent resource on writing resumes called, Resumes Made Simple. I wish I’d had this book before I spent the money on a service, but I’m using it to tailor my resume to the positions I’m applying for. It’s incredibly comprehensive and a real bargain. She even permits you to download several chapters free of charge. And there’s insightful guidance about applying for jobs that I found extremely helpful.

Job hunting can be really daunting and takes tenacity and a positive attitude. I’m hoping that with the right tools and help from my friends I’ll find the perfect position.


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