A week ago tonight I led my first webinar. Wow- that was intense. My topic was “Removing Backgrounds From Images”. I created a tutorial in Camtasia and presented it in the webinar. I was too scared to demo “live”, so I recorded the tutorial of the technique in Gimp and narrated over it in the webinar. I had a few presentation slides at the beginning (thank you Canva) to introduce the topic and address the agenda. Prior to the webinar I emailed the registrants links to Gimp and provided a copy of the image I would be using in the tutorial. I practiced and practiced. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Tech Gods conspired against me in the 24 hours preceding the webinar.

Game Time

So I had practiced by myself, but a fellow student was kind enough to let me do a run-through with him to pinpoint any glitches. What a help- thank you, Aaron! I was planning to use the tutorial through a website, but it was really slow and janky. Aaron suggested I run the file off my laptop and what a difference that made.

At start time I got on the Zoom meeting room early to cue everything up. Another student was on a few minutes early so I asked him to let me know if anything was running amiss (I had audio issues earlier).

Some weird things…

I had created a poll with 2 questions to get the participants engaged. That seemed to be effective. I asked how much experience they had with image editing and what software they had used. Only the first participant was visible to me. I was expecting to see thumbnails of everyone present. I only knew how many people were present by the number shown over the “Participants” icon in Zoom’s toolbar. The polls are not shown in the recording.

I asked that everyone place their questions in the Chat Session window and I would address them during the practice session. I was on the clock during the tutorial and was worried questions might turn into a black hole. There really weren’t many questions in the chat window when I was finished. During the tutorial, I had the feeling that I was all alone. It was very strange. I think because I couldn’t see anybody and they were muted I felt like I was all alone.

I responded to the question that was in the Chat Window and ended up communicating face-to-face with a participant. The Chat Session was also absent from the final recording.

Final Thoughts

I feel like the webinar went well overall, but it’s as I said in the previous post- you feel like the guy in the circus spinning plates. I think the group webinar will have some advantages over this because it’s absorbed by multiple people- not a one man band.

I provided the recording of the Camtasia tutorial as a takeaway to the participants. I hope they found it informative and useful!








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