I’m working with a group of students in my Webinar course to create a webinar demonstrating the use of WordPress for our portfolio sites. There are four of us in the group and we’re starting to figure out our specific roles and duties to produce this. It’s really quite an undertaking. There are several components required to incorporate in the presentation, and the emphasis is on audience interaction.

Some of the interaction will take place in the form of polls and quizzes, plus there will be a handout provided to guide the attendees through the webinar. More interaction will be sprinkled throughout the presentation to keep the audience engaged. A live chat will be monitored for the duration of the program.

My responsibilities include creating the handouts, serving as the tech advisor ( it’s tech, inevitably something will refuse to cooperate), creating the webinar invitation, and creating the advance organizer (still wrapping my head around that). Whew! Oh, and I still have to develop the segment on working with Themes and Plugins.

For now, I’ve started researching “the look” of the handouts and advance organizer. We present our webinar on May 4. So there’s time, but much to do!

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