I’m working on a WordPress site for a client through the Tech TA role I have in my graduate program. They want to mimic the look of another site that was built using the Visual Composer page builder plugin. There’s plenty of documentation and tutorials available, so that’s been a help in getting me up to speed, as well as the help of my Tech TA director. The site will be something of a mini-MOOC, an open online course which will be accessible to educators and administrators. Visual Composer allows you to modify and add complexity to a WordPress site.

It’s interesting to work with as you can design through the front or backside. I’m finding I’m preferring the back side design control, it’s more like building with legos and less distracting. Although, a weird feature is that if your type is reversed (white) you can’t see it in VC. I find I spend a lot of time updating and viewing the front side to see the changes I’ve made, but I’ve got pretty lame internet speed. So that takes f o r e v e r…

But I really like working with the Virtual Composer plugin. It’s very robust and with the add-ons, I can make the site look very sophisticated. I’ll try to share it in a later iteration.

It’s so fun to work with tools that make life easier for you and yield great looking results.

Check it out!

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