This week we’ve been asked to remix a fellow student’s work, and I was really excited to be assigned to Laura Seward. One of Laura’s earlier pieces was a GIF based on Bauhaus. Here’s her original piece below:

And here’s the remix:

I’ve spent many, many, years in art school, and the Bauhaus school, movement, and style always figured prominently in my studies. And the band, Bauhaus, was huge when I was in art school right out of high school.

For the remix, I wanted to address each of the areas Laura called out in her GIF poster. I found a YouTube video made by a woman going by the name of eleniflower. I cut up her content to align with the different topics and lifted the soundtrack she used and realigned it to video track. I found a Bauhaus music video on YouTube and added that at the end.

I really identify with Laura mostly because we share art backgrounds. After reviewing her basecamp I was amazed at how prolific she is in the amount of work she produces. She seems very at ease working with a variety of media (something we both share) and I was left with the impression that “making” is in her nature and something she does religiously and with little provocation.

I hope she is pleased with the remix I created of her work. I enjoyed doing it and was inspired by her work!


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