I’m not an “early adopter” of social media tools, and am a confessed curmudgeon when it comes to things that involve Tweeting, or FaceTiming. I did explore a few tools recently and found one to be useful (toolbar-worthy!) and one that was beyond me.

The Sublime

I’m a graduate student and am faced with reading and researching scholarly journals and the like on a daily basis. I tried out the tool Diigo and was pleased with how easy it was to use, and how useful it will be to my coursework readings.

If you’re using the Chrome browser,  you can install the Diigo extension right into the browser window.

This is what it looks like when accessed:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.01.29 AM

You’ll need to create an account with them to use features like the library. With Diigo you can save documents to read later (they are saved in the Library). You can highlight or annotate with stickies and you can share annotated pages with others through social media outlets (Twitter, Google+, etc.) or via email.

I’ve always had to print out documents and annotate by hand, which is “old school” and definitely not green. I’m hoping that by using Diigo I’ll be able to keep myself organized and save a few trees in the process.

The Ridiculous

Well, for me at least. I found SnapChat to be utterly useless. I work with a lot of younger people and heard them talking about SnapChats they’d had. SnapChat as I found, is a truly social media tool. It requires a relatively large circle of friends (like you would have when you’re a teenager) and the overview is that you share a photograph or video with optional text comments with your friends. Originally it was designed so that the content “self-destructed” after a few seconds. I’m sure nobody was surprised that the majority of SnapChats were completely inappropriate- think hormonal teenagers. But the app has evolved, somewhat, and the images can now be saved to a story for longer periods of time. An image can also be saved through a screenshot. Not so ephemeral then. There are also commercial feeds that can be accessed through the app. I tried it with a friend, but found good old texting worked just as well for both of us.

I could see a potential real world application of sharing information with a team, but I think there are still other, better platforms for that.

So, the curmudgeon has spoken. Thumbs up for Diigo, down for SnapChat.


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