And, we’re off!

Just wrapping up the first week in my last class of my graduate studies; Digital Stories. I wanted to end my Master’s coursework with something fun, different, and creative. And it’s proving to be all 3. Every course I’ve taken so far has been so different from the last, it takes me at least the first week, sometimes more, to get my feet under myself. This week I found that a spreadsheet was my best solution to getting myself organized. We have multiple deliverables due each week and I need a way to track getting everything accomplished.

Twitter and are the primary communication tools we’re using. is taking some getting used to. It’s not linear like the discussion posts I’m used to within our LMS. Which has its merits as well as drawbacks. It’s a little frustrating when multiple people are annotating the same thing- maybe confusing is a better word. I think I just have to get used to it. Twitter has its place, but not for anything longer than 144 characters. I didn’t feel like I was really connecting with others the way I probably should be. I think I just need to get more comfortable using the tools.

The media I created was a graphic I made for the Daily Create (DC). I’m still a little unclear on the DC. I thought we were allowed to pick whatever we wanted, but I saw several people doing the same DC. I scoured through several before I found one that appealed to me: “Make Your Own Brand”. Maybe I’m too old or am just not comfortable being silly or goofy, but I was struggling to find something that appealed to me- something that warranted the effort to “create”. But I was pleased with the result of the “make Your Own Brand” DC. Adobe Illustrator has always been my nemesis graphic design tool- even though I have a BFA in Communication Design. It’s like being a math teacher without ever having mastered Algebra, and most likely is why I’m not a graphic designer. But it was a nice safe way to venture back into a program that has intimidated me (read: GROWTH). I went through three different versions before settling on the design I submitted. I liked it because it had a Gothic, flying buttress, feel to it. Probably wouldn’t translate well to a branding iron, but maybe a tattoo or personal logo?

My favorite new thing was the illustration technique used in “Story Wars”. Visually stunning. The overall piece (its story) was well told- but the quality of the graphics and handcrafted feel to the illustrations were amazing. I want to know how they did it. It reminded me of paper Indonesian shadow puppets (anybody see “The Killing Fields”?).

I’m hoping by next week I’ll feel more “in the flow” and less discombobulated. I’m really looking forward to what will result from this course and the journey to get there.



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