I spent a good chunk of time this week working through the Lynda.com course, WordPress Essential Training. The instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen did a great job of logically explaining the functions and features of WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress for a while now but had only a surface understanding of the structure and design of WordPress as a content management system. I realized, after watching the series of tutorials, that many of my frustrations have been due to the limitations or constraints of the particular theme I was using. And, after watching the videos I feel like I really need to address the monster under the bed, HTML and CSS.

I’ve been in denial for some years now. I’ve taken web design classes in my undergraduate program and just never really got the hang of it, telling myself “My brain just doesn’t work that way”. I designed my B.F.A. portfolio site in Adobe Muse because it allowed my to circumvent my lack of coding skills. But, I think I’ve only been forestalling the inevitable. At this point in my education and career, I really need to face the monster and acquire the skills. Having an understanding of coding will allow me to push past the obstacles and limitations I’m experiencing in WordPress and open up possibilities for the designs I really want to achieve.

If you know of a relatively painless way for me to get up to speed, let me know. I’ll be exploring the beginner offerings in Lynda.com, but am open to suggestions!

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